This is the blog for the UIUC Society of American Archivists. Here you can find information about archiving resources and  course recommendations.

The chapter meets regularly and hosts a variety of on-campus and off-campus events and workshops throughout the year. All are welcome to join, participate, offer suggestions and improve the chapter. We charge no dues, and most of our events cost no money. For those events that do cost money, we try to keep the cost as low as possible through fundraising and applying for external funding through the Student Organization Resource Fund. We try to make all our activities accessible as possible, and are always looking for advice from LEEP students about how to improve our activities.

The goals and objectives of the SAA student chapter are:

1. To actively promote archival awareness and interest within the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign through lectures, seminars, convocations, and field trips;

2. To support the professional development of members by offering direct benefits including educational programs, networking, and information about job offerings;

3. To provide activities for members to discuss archival issues, interact with professional archivists, and engage in professional activities;

4. To promote communication with other archive-related student groups within the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, as well as student chapters at other universities, in order to develop mutual interest in the library and archival professions; and

5. To acquaint members with the objectives, ethics, and publications of the Society of American Archivists.

Every year we hold elections for officer positions and all are welcome and encouraged to run for these positions: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Publicity Officer, LEEP Liason. These elections are heard during September and all students are encouraged to run (LEEP students can run for all positions, not just the LEEP liason).


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